A Letter to My Future Patients

It is a true privilege to care for and develop meaningful relationships with my patients. This provides the most fulfilling aspect of my work and is the reason for some important and innovative changes to the way I practice. I am excited to tell you about my new integrative functional medicine and wellness practice and invite you to join me.

Primary Care + Functional Medicine = Integrative Wellness

Our emphasis is on the root cause of illness, prevention, and lifestyle factors, using an integrative and comprehensive approach. By addressing and nurturing our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being we support the innate capacity of our bodies to heal.

Concierge style Benefits Beyond Traditional Practices

Dr. Lavena is dedicated to making it easy to get the care you need. She’ll be there for you whenever you need her, and take the time to address your questions, concerns, problems, or simply to provide reassurance. You’ll have an advocate by your side, and the guidance and support you need for changing lifestyle habits.

Food as Medicine

Group Visits + Classes

Experience the invaluable benefits of community and connection with our group programs. Nutrition coaching and culinary medicine, mindfulness meditation, yoga, Qi-gong, exercise, movement, specialized therapies, and more. 

What Our Patients Say

She is an amazing human being! The most caring DR of all time, I hope she stays being a doctor until she is 100. She was outstanding when I was having a terrible health crisis.

— Josiah Culley (Vitals)

She deserves 10 stars. She cares for her patients. She always responds quickly and wants the best for the patients. It is super rare to find good doctors, she is one of the few.

— Jo Mac (Google)

She is an amazing doctor with a wealth of knowledge in Integrative Medicine. The way she approaches medicine has changed my life and I am so grateful to have her as my primary care physician.

— Quantum R (Google)

I love her, she is amazing, very patient, kind and responds very quickly when you have questions, whether it’s small or big, she cares about her patients. I highly would recommend her to people.

— Rebecca Aime (Google)

She is the best! Always take a good care of her patients. It is a pleasure having her as my PCP.

— Mel Ramos (Google)