We Believe

We believe in a synergistic healing effect

Blending primary care medicine with different approaches; functional, lifestyle, integrative mind-body medicine, and ancient practices. 

We believe in integrating modern medicine with ancient wisdom

Modern medicine has many advanced technological treatments we can use but we must not forget the healing wisdom and practices used for thousands of years (yoga, meditation, qigong, tai chi, acupuncture, energy healing). 

We believe in trusting the innate capacity of body and mind to heal

We have a physical body, spiritual body, and energy body, and if we do not pay attention to all three, we are off balance and we get sick.  We need to trust our Inner Healing Intelligence.

We believe that…

A trusted doctor-patient relationship is important to help you live a better life, a healthier life, a harmonious life. 

By being present, listening, and showing we care, we can have a great impact in our patients’ lives. 

By doing our healing work we can change not only our own lives, but also the lives of our families, our co-workers, and friends. 

~ Dr. Marianela Lavena