A Letter to My Future Patients

It is a true privilege to care for and develop meaningful relationships with my patients. This provides the most fulfilling aspect of my work and is the reason for some important and innovative changes to the way I practice. 

I am excited to tell you about my new integrative medicine and wellness practice and invite you to join me. 

Why make a change?

Since graduating from medical school 20 years ago I have been constantly searching for the best ways to help my patients heal, thrive, and lead better lives. I’ve discovered that we need to nurture our mental, spiritual, and physical well-being to activate our inner healing intelligence. This fosters the innate capacity of our bodies to heal and stay healthy.

While continuing to be a PCP, I am now offering a more integrative approach to Medicine. This blends several ancient practices with my knowledge of Allopathic, Functional, and Mind-Body medicine. To bring this approach into my daily practice I am adopting a routine exam/support care model, much like the executive or concierge health model, that delivers ongoing exam services detached from medical necessity and not limited like plan-covered diagnosis and treatment services. I aim to provide my patients with a safe, warm space for healing, community, connection, and growth. 

What does joining Inner Healing Medical mean for you?

By combining an integrative wellness approach with a much smaller practice you can enjoy many important benefits of membership:

Mind-body-spirit care

Our Functional Medicine approach uses routine annual and follow-up exams, detached from medical necessity restrictions and expansive into all aspects of integrative health. This approach allows me to focus on root causes of illness, prevention, and lifestyle guidance in a manner well beyond what plans reimburse or cover. Using this routine exam model, supported all year with communication services aimed at helping you achieve exam goals, we’ll create and implement a personalized health program aimed at your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Group sessions and classes will be also be available.

Always here for you

You will have an advocate by your side — every visit, every call, every time. There will be ample time with me during appointments, no more rushed visits. Because I’ll be readily available, you can enjoy prompt care when you need it most and save the time and expense of unnecessary urgent care or ER visits. I can also arrange home visits as needed, and help you navigate and coordinate your care in a complex system.

Making it easy for you

You can easily reach me or my team directly without frustrating call centers or long hold times. Sometimes a direct text, email, or phone chat with me is all you need. You’ll have the convenience of same- or next-day office, phone, or virtual visits — all starting on time. No more waiting for months to see a doctor.

Group Support + Education

You’ll have access to our group programs and resources for nutrition coaching and culinary medicine, mindfulness and self-compassion meditation, yoga, exercise, movement, and more. 

By using such a concierge membership model, it has been shown patients have fewer hospitalizations, less need for specialist referrals, and require less medication. And they feel more in control of their own health. 

I am confident my new practice will redefine your expectations for medical and integrated care!

How to join my practice

Once we meet capacity, a waiting list will be started, so please inform us as soon as possible to ensure your place  (see pricing details in FAQ). There is a family maximum and additional discounts are available, plus our program is designed to be eligible for HSA, HRA or FSA funds.

Membership is not an insurance plan, so you will use your health insurance coverage just as you always have. 

Are you ready to join our practice?  

Fantastic! Here are the easy ways to join: 

Want more information?

We are happy to talk with you and answer your questions. Email us at info@InnerHealingMedical.com for additional details.

I look forward to welcoming you to walk a path of healing and transformation with me. 


Dr. Marianela Lavena