Quantum R (Google)

She is an amazing doctor with a wealth of knowledge in Integrative Medicine. The way she approaches medicine has changed my life and I am so grateful to have her as my primary care physician.

Jo Mac (Google)

She deserves 10 stars. She cares for her patients. She always responds quickly and wants the best for the patients. It is super rare to find good doctors, she is one of the few.

Rebecca Aime (Google)

I love her, she is amazing, very patient, kind and responds very quickly when you have questions, whether it’s small or big, she cares about her patients. I highly would recommend her to people.

Josiah Culley (Healthgrades)

She is an amazing human being! The most caring DR of all time, I hope she stays being a doctor until she is 100. She was outstanding when I was having a terrible health crisis.


Dr. Lavena saved my life in so many ways. I have had anxiety since I was a small child, and had seen countless psychiatrists, and doctors since I was 13, and never in my life have I ever been treated so humanely, and sweetly as Dr. Lavena made me feel. Thanks to her, my life is going very well.

Jocelyn Harte (Google)

I am a new patient with this doctor. She was very patient, thorough, up to date on research and what would help me, gave wonderful suggestions and resources, without overwhelming me. She even incorporated specific nutrition information as well, which I was very impressed with. Highly recommend.

Mel Ramos (Google)

She is the best! Always take a good care of her patients. It is a pleasure having her as my PCP.


My first visit with Marianela was great, she was very welcoming and passionate. The visit was extremely informational and addressed any questions or concerns I had. I am very much looking forward to my next visit.


She is amazing, she should be every one’s PCP.


Just met with Dr. Lavena and found her an excellent listener and very responsive to my questions/concerns. She took quite a bit of time getting to know me and had much current info to share. She offered additional suggestions for personal wellness too.


An excellent listener! I had my first visit with Dr. Lavena this week and was so impressed.