Collaborative Team

Monica Dohnert

Certified Coach, Mindfulness Teacher

I am originally from Venezuela and my story has been one of passion, discovery, deepening, softening, opening up to fear and overcoming setbacks, sharp twists and turns and ultimately, coming back to myself, to my heart. Today, I believe, that when we love and accept ourselves fully, we become more free, we gain courage to be who we are and fulfill our highest purpose. More…

Very early on in my life I was blessed to be guided into a path of exploration of the spirit/mind/body relationship as a way to heal myself from childhood trauma. It changed the way I experienced life, myself, and relationships forever. I became passionate about deepening this path and helping others heal as well.

Even though I became a Systems Engineer with a master’s degree in communications and international relations, I always kept on learning and developing myself in different alternative and complementary healing fields and made them a core piece of my work. I certified myself as a coach and for 10 years, wove coaching, meditation and movement into community and political organization programs in Venezuela.

In 2006, I came to the United States and, like many immigrants, felt the loss of my job, family, and country. It was a moment of significant personal crisis that led me to deepen even more my spiritual practice. I also saw it as an opportunity to explore other healing therapies such as Reiki, Bach Flower Therapy, Ayurvedic nutrition and Western Herbalism.

In 2021, after nearly six years of practice, I became Certified by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield as a mindfulness and meditation teacher. I now integrate the practice of mindfulness, meditation, breath, and movement as a way to enable personal and collective transformation. I teach in person and online classes to different groups in both Spanish and English. My latest adventure has brought me to pursue studies in sound healing.

I currently reside in Lexington, MA with my husband and three kids.

Brahmi Gold-Bernstein

Director TriYoga Boston, Yoga Therapist, E-RYT 500, Senior TriYoga teacher and Teacher Trainer

Brahmi has been practicing yoga for 47 years, teaching for 40 years, and practicing TriYoga for 30 years. She is the director and lead teacher for the RYS 200 hr TriYoga Teacher Training program and the RYS 300 hr Therapeutic Teacher Training Program. More…

Brahmi is a former back sufferer and now enjoys a pain free back. She has extensive working with people with arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease and cancer. Yoga has taught Brahmi there is a difference between pain and suffering. She considers it her highest calling to share this knowledge with others so they can learn to reduce their own suffering.

Christian Verde

Certified Pranic Healing Practitioner and Licensed Instructor

During my high school years, I grappled with social anxiety and battled depression. Thankfully, things took a turn. The practice of qi-gong in high school allowed me to embrace my emotions and think independently, free from fear. It helped me connect with myself. Later, at the age of 20, I was introduced to Pranic Healing and Meditation on Twin Hearts, an experience that completely astounded me. It was the first time I encountered a serene state of mind.


Pranic Healing transformed my life, eliminating uncontrollable thoughts and sparking my passion for helping others heal. I practice privately in Massachusetts and virtually across the US, offering MCKS Pranic Healing classes, Meditation on Twin Hearts, and Arhatic Yoga Review Sessions. Since 2013, I’ve been advocating for wellness, spirituality, and Pranic Healing. I co-founded Pranic Healing Boston and Integrative Wellness in 2018 and Atlanta Pranic Healing Center in 2014. Certified as a Practitioner and Instructor, I serve as the Membership Coordinator for the American Pranic Healing Association and mentor for the Certification Program under the Center for Pranic Healing in New Jersey.

I firmly believe in everyone’s right to happiness, peace, and love. We all deserve relief from daily struggles. Seeking help takes courage, and I celebrate your decision. Pranic Healing profoundly connected me with myself, body, mind, and spirit. If you’ve felt disconnected, this practice can guide you back to a harmonious state. Having discovered Pranic Healing in 2011, I’ve learned from five Master Pranic healers across the US in the past 12 years. Allow me to support your health and well-being—it would be my honor.

Carolyn Gillespie


Carolyn’s yoga class is an active flowing style that takes time for breath work and relaxation. Her goal is to provide a warmly supportive environment where healing can take place. Carolyn’s commitment to holistic healing started in 1995 when, as a labor and delivery nurse, she discovered the power of yoga and breath working for expectant mothers. More…

Carolyn has been teaching yoga since 2004 when she was Yoga Alliance trained in Ashtanga yoga. She has also studied pre/postnatal yoga, restorative/yin yoga and Reiki. Her style has evolved over the years to a slow flow, mindful practice that aims to bring relaxation and ease to daily life.

Joanna Katz

Dance Instructor

Joanna Katz’s life-long love affair with dance began at the age of four. She has had extensive training in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Musical Theater, Lyrical and Hip-Hop dance and has taught and choreographed for several area schools, universities and dance companies. More…

Joanna trained with Lynn Simonson in New York City’s vibrant dance scene and received her certification in Simonson Technique, a more anatomically sound and healthful approach to teaching dance. Joanna is a middle school teacher who lives in Lexington with her husband, two daughters and new puppy named Winnie.

Alexandra Manrique

Mindfulness + Medidation Instructor

Alexandra facilitates transformational trainings that bring lasting change to individuals and corporations. She works with Mindfulness and Positive Psychology practices to help clients understand, pursue, and attain change. Alexandra has conducted trainings, retreats, talks, and workshops since 2014. More…

Her mission is to empower people to care about their mental health by implementing mindfulness and personal growth practices.