The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those you love they will bloom.

Tich Nhat Hahn

Mind-body-spirit care

Integrating healing approaches

Our approach involves assessing your unique underlying conditions, enabling us to design personalized treatment plans for your holistic well-being. We combine medical and healing practices for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health — both individually and in groups.

Functional medicine approach

Our emphasis is on the root cause of illness, prevention, and lifestyle factors. Changing habits is not easy but if you have the right guidance and support it can be possible. 

Always Here for You

You’ll have an advocate by your side — every visit, every call, every time. Say goodbye to rushed appointments — envision spending an hour+ during your initial meeting, allowing you ample time with me and my team. Save the time and expense of avoidable urgent care or ER visits and enjoy prompt care when you need it most.

Making it Easy for You

Sometimes a direct text, email, or phone chat with me is all you need. You can easily reach me or my team directly without frustrating call centers or long hold times. For your convenience we offer you same- or next-day appointments in-office, or by phone or video that start on time. No more waiting for months to see a doctor. 

Group Support + Education

You’ll have access to our group programs and resources for nutrition coaching and culinary medicine, mindfulness and self-compassion meditation, yoga, exercise, movement, and more. We all need community to support each other in the process of healing. See our Class Schedule.