The greatest medicine is to teach people how not to need it.


By finding and treating root causes of illnesses, using food as medicine, balancing nutrient levels, removing offenders (toxins, metals, chronic infections), and balancing the gut microbiome, adrenals, and stress response.

 By using advanced Functional Medicine and precision testing to detect early biomarker changes, promoting proactive participation in your well-being, and optimizing your performance for an extended healthspan.

Together, we’ll tailor strategies to your unique needs.

Our goal is to guide and support you to allow your body to activate its natural healing power.

Included in Your Membership

Concierge Style Integrative Routine Exam Care Care

Yes! Dr. Lavena can serve as your Primary Care Provider, and provide you annual and follow-up exams that go well beyond medical necessity or plan coverages to provide expansive and proactive wellbeing support through a Functional Medicine approach. 

Group Visits + Classes

Tap into the healing power of connection and community through weekly group coaching sessions with Dr. Lavena and our team (in-person or virtual). 

Detox & Regeneration

Our Infrared Sauna, Cold Shower and Red Light Therapy circuit aids in detox, rejuvenation, and longevity.

Advanced IV Therapy

Nutritional and therapeutic IV infusions to both members and non-members (Incurs separate charges)

Mindfulness & Meditation

Evidence based techniques for your emotional wellbeing & mental health

Our integrated wellness programs are designed to serve as key components of your comprehensive healing therapy.

Emotional Wellbeing

Integration Groups with IFS approach

Yoga + Medical Qi‑gong classes

Experience joy, happiness & ease through movement.

Nutrition + Culinary Medicine

Cultivate wellness through our Culinary Medicine & coaching offerings, where food and nutrition become an integral part of your optimal health and healing.

Discover the liberating sensation of wellness and vitality when you are combining healthy eating, exercising, mind healing practices, and connecting with others.

Tour our Amenities:

  • Relax in our reception area

Non-Member Services

You do not need to become a member to receive the following services

Book your IV + IM Therapies

Non therapeutic Hydration IVs , Myers, NAD, Immune boosting IVs, offered in a relaxing environment.

Individual and Group IFS Treatment + Integration

(future offering to members and non-members)

* Members of Inner Healing Medical receive 25% discounts on IV therapies.